Reliable and relevant literature on obesity to support quality care is now only a mouse click away! The Online Best Evidence Service In Tackling Obesity Plus (OBESITY+) is an exciting  knowledge tool for health providers with an interest in obesity. It’s based on the innovative McMaster Online Rating of Evidence (MORE) service, as well as the latest research on information retrieval conducted at the Health Information Research Unit (HIRU) at McMaster University.   OBESITY+ provides colleagues with the latest, best and most relevant evidence for their clinical practice on the causes, course, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of obesity and its related metabolic and mechanical complications.

OBESITY+ is accessible via http://plus.mcmaster.ca/obesity/Default.aspx?Page=1 (note that the site requires you to join the service, with a user name and password).  EASO is grateful to the Canadian Obesity Network (CON) for allowing us to share this resource.