NoHoW Project Newsletter: February 2016

EASO is pleased to share the NoHoW February Newsletter. NowHow is an important European project focusing on the evidence around weight loss maintenance. Read more and visit the NoHoW Project website:

Learning more about weight loss maintenance – what works and what doesn’t work?

3b979e6e-d2df-46e9-9f3a-9508ddd16ad4The best way to help people lose weight and keep it off is to develop programmes based on solid evidence of what works and what doesn’t work. NoHoW researchers will build the evidence base needed to put WLM research on a firm scientific footing. Read more here.

Meet our colleagues in Aarhus and Newcastle who are building the NoHoW evidence.

The NoHoW Toolkit for Weight Loss Maintenance

8e255bd8-ba05-463e-8e06-cb5558e14434We’ll create the NoHoW Toolkit based on what we already know about theories, methods, and evidence-based techniques of health behavior change, and what we learn about WLM during the project. This includes how technology can be best used to successfully support behavior change and maintenance …… read more here.

Meet the teams from Aberdeen, Coimbra, Helsinki who are helping to put it all together.

How will we test if the Toolkit works?

28607759-fa72-402f-abf3-930647ba9d36The Toolkit will ultimately include a set of web-based tools, mobile apps, and inputs from other technologies, such as smart scales and activity trackers. Once we’ve put the it together, we’ll test it to see how it works through an intervention research study.

Meet the teams in Copenhagen, Derby and Lisbon who’ll test the NoHoW Toolkit for us.